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5 of the most dangerous finishing moves in the WWE

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These finishers can end a wrestler's career
These finishers can end a wrestler's career

The world of professional wrestling or "sports entertainment," as WWE would call it, is primarily focused on 'entertainment' rather than the physical competition of wrestling itself. Matches and segments are planned out and executed to a live audience with millions watching at home. Even though the matches are predetermined and everything else is scripted, there are a lot of things that can go wrong if not successfully executed.

This includes the lives of WWE superstars who perform in the ring, as their careers and their lives are in the hands of their opponents. Even though it's meant to look like wrestlers inflict serious pain on each other, in the real world this is not what they intend to do each time they step into the ring. They put their lives on the line every week to entertain us the fans and the less thing we can do is to stick it to their face that what they do isn't real.

WWE has generated millions of fans around the world and they try to encourage their fans not to copy what they see in the ring. This is because if anyone tries to perform a move on someone else without proper execution, the life of that person could be at risk. As I have mentioned before in my other article, it takes two (or more) wrestlers to successfully perform a finisher. While those finishers are easy and safe to perform, here are 5 finishers in WWE that are very dangerous.

#5. The Spear

Goldberg had one of the most devastating spears in the WWE
Goldberg had one of the most devastating spears in the WWE

The Spear is one of the most vicious finishers in WWE history. Several wrestlers have used the move as their finishers including the likes of Edge, Rhyno and Roman Reigns. The one man who made the move look the most devastating, however, was Bill Goldberg. Goldberg is a former American Football player, so he was very familiar with tackles before becoming a professional wrestler.

What makes the spear more dangerous is the fact that a wrestler falls on their back or at the back of their neck or head with force from a running wrestler. It impacts the belly and back of the receiving wrestler and when Goldberg performed the spear, it looked like it could actually kill you. While other superstars have not delivered the move with the same type of intensity as Goldberg, that doesn't mean that it would hurt any less.

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