5 outrageous things that Randy Orton has gotten away with in the WWE

Wonder what those voices must be telling him...

#4 Bullying female performers

Rochelle Loewen was a former WWE Diva

Rochelle Loewen was signed on to the WWE as a model in 2005 (because women were still Divas back then) and found that the pro wrestling business wasn’t exactly to her liking. And a big part of that was thanks to Randy Orton.

According to a candid and forthcoming interview that Loewen did much later on, she insinuated that Orton couldn’t deal in a healthy way with his ‘infatuation’ with her and ended up bullying her when the very first encounter between the two went awry.

Having not been a fan of the industry before joining, Rochelle didn’t exactly know who Orton was and asked him if he’s from Canada when they spoke for the first time. This apparently triggered him and he snuck into the women’s dressing room and serenaded all her belongings with self-tanning lotion and baby oil as revenge.

There were also disturbing rumours around that time that he took a dump in her bag to spite her, although that was proven to be false ultimately.

At least JBL bullied only the men.

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