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5 people that Daniel Bryan shouldn't wrestle 

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Daniel Bryan will finally be wrestling again in WWE
There are some people that not even Daniel Bryan can make interesting

After two grueling years of WWE saying "NO!" no matter how many of the country's most reputable concussion experts said "YES!," WWE finally gave Daniel Bryan the green light to return to active competition.

This was a day that many fans thought they'd never see. After all, WWE has been rightfully antsy about concussions ever since the Chris Benoit incident of 2007. Still, their stubbornness was incredibly frustrating (both for the fans and for Bryan) considering how many neurologists affirmed him that nothing was wrong. But all of that is thankfully over now, and WWE's most beloved underdog babyface is ready to go once again.

Now, ever since the news broke, a lot of people have been posting about who they'd love to see Bryan face. Of course, the notion of "Bryan vs. Styles" or "Bryan vs. Nakamura" sounds like something of a dream...but those lists have already been done to death. So here are to list 5 people that Daniel Bryan shouldn't wrestle, but that WWE will likely book him to wrestle with at some point.

There are a couple factors that go into these; the wrestler could be a dangerous worker, their style may not mesh well with Bryan's (though Bryan could wrestle a compelling match with a dish towel), or maybe they're just flat-out uninteresting. Of course, these picks are merely opinion-based and you are free to disagree and to offer your suggestions in the comments.

Anyway, onto the list!

#5 Dolph Ziggler

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This is the face of a man who has not been given anything interesting to work with in years

Let's kick this list off right away with the first opponent they teased for Bryan after his official announcement on last night's SmackDown Live - "The Show Off," Dolph Ziggler.

Now, Dolph Ziggler is an incredible wrestler. He's been sinfully misused for the majority of his career, and he and Bryan would likely put on a wrestling clinic together. So why shouldn't they square off?

Simple - because it's not interesting.


Think about it - what reason would Daniel Bryan have to feud with Ziggler? The man's been floundering in the mid-card for years now, and Bryan clearly wants to assume his place back at the top of the card. Beating Ziggler (which he so obviously would) wouldn't really get him any closer to the top. In fact, beating Ziggler wouldn't really do much of anything for Bryan in the grand scheme of things.

While these two would put on a wonderful match, the outcome is far too predictable to get excited about.

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