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5 potential back-up plans for Braun Strowman in his feud against The Shield

Ali Siddiqui
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The Shield made a huge statement by attacking the Monster Among Men this week

On the Raw after Summerslam, WWE shocked the fans when Braun Strowman’s Money in the Bank cash-in attempt was interrupted by Roman Reigns’ Shield brothers, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose.

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Now, it’s unclear whether The Shield reunion was just a one-night special or will it be a full-time thing for a few months before Dean Ambrose will turns heel on either Reigns or Rollins according to the rumours.

Nobody was expecting a Shield reunion at this point but now that we did get one, it’s too soon to predict where the WWE might head now with this story-line. We can probably see a Team Shield vs. Team Strowman match at Survivor Series.

If The Shield remains as a group and feuds with Braun Strowman, then the Monster Among Men would most certainly need backup. Now, Strowman may not look like a team-player but desperate times require desperate measures.

Now, it’s unclear whether anyone’s a heel in this feud or this feud is beyond the heel/face dynamic but the story-line definitely has us invested in it.

Here, we will discuss five potential teams/superstars who might help Braun Strowman in evening the odds against the Hounds of Justice. 

#5 The Authors of Pain

Breaking free from Paul Ellering has hurt The Authors of Pain on main-roster

Ever since arriving on the main roster, The Authors of Pain haven’t done anything special. They are still directionless and need a solid story-line to establish their dominance as they did in NXT.

The Tag Team title picture is still crowded with the B-Team feuding with The Revival. If Authors of Pain could somehow align themselves with Strowman to feud with The Shield, they would be a part of an intense story-line which would help them get the chance to showcase their potential both as a team and as individual performers.

Being involved in such a high profile feud would also allow Authors of Pain to connect with the WWE Universe as right now, their forgettable feuds isn’t allowing them to be either cheered or booed by the fans. 

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