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5 potential feuds for John Cena on NXT

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The Face That WIll Run NXT?
The face that will run NXT?

Triple H recently stated that he would be interested if WWE Superstar John Cena wishes to come down to Full Sail University for a run in developmental. This statement by HHH came soon after Cena said that he looks at Velveteen Dream as one of the next big things in wrestling.

Cena may think The Dream is a future main eventer, but what about one of the biggest wrestlers in history stepping down to developmental and adding that little bit of stardust on everyone?

NXT is away from the overly produced mediocrity that is the main roster. Giving Cena's character more free will, compared to what we get on the main roster will rejuvenate the 16 time world champion.

A fresh Cena mixing with the fresh faces of NXT is bound to create gold. Here we look at 5 wrestlers from NXT with whom Cena should mix it up if he does choose to go to NXT.

#5 Johnny Gargano

Can Johnny Wrestling be the one to introduce a heel Cena?
Can Johnny Wrestling be the one to introduce a heel Cena?

This is one of the few feuds where we may just want to see a heel Cena. Not a dastardly heel, but the kind of a heel that thinks he knows more than everyone else. Imagine a cocky Cena coming down to developmental and taking everything foregranted because of his impressive main roster resume.

He sees the hard-working face that Johnny Gargano is and chooses to give him advice which Johnny Wrestling shrugs off. Cena tells him that he will open himself up to a lot of hurt if he continues the good guy route.

He can show that he is affected by how easily The Undertaker beat him at WrestleMania. Gargano chooses to brush off Cena, which infuriates the veteran, causing Cena to attack him brutally.

The match structure is what a typical Gargano match would follow. Gargano plays the resilient babyface to the heel Cena. Cena is using his ungodly amounts of strength to teach Gargano a lesson. He is left stunned by the resilience of Gargano.

He cannot find a way to put away Gargano and that frustrates him. He starts beating the NXT star mercilessly, but Gargano fights his way out and manages to eke out a win from Cena. This feud could go any number of directions, and this should probably be a tremendous program, if WWE chooses to execute it.

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