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5 Potential Finishes for AJ Styles vs. Nakamura at the Greatest Royal Rumble 

Riju Dasgupta
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Nakamura and Styles are having quite the rivalry
Nakamura and Styles are having quite the rivalry

When the match was first announced it was billed as an NJPW dream rematch. Today, it's a lot more than merely a 'dream match'. Today, Styles vs. Nakamura is a personal contest between two men that detest each other. And somehow, this rematch just feels more interesting.

Nakamura's gone through an interesting shift in the character of course. Gone is the King of Strong Style for good; a sinister, sadistic man has come forth, who chooses to not answer difficult questions by saying - 'no speak English'.

The fact remains that these two men are perhaps the best workers in all of sports entertainment. That said, how will their match play out at the second grand event that WWE is putting together this month - The Greatest Royal Rumble?

Here are 5 potential finishes we can think of.

#5 Shinsuke Nakamura wins clean

Could Nakamura defeat Styles in a singles match?
Could Nakamura defeat Styles in a singles match?

Why is this the least likely possibility on this list, you ask? In our estimation, this is because gone is the ethical, competitive, nice-guy Nakamura who cared about winning matches on his own merit. Nakamura is no longer the fun-loving rockstar of yore. He's someone who won't refrain from taking the low road these days.

That said, he's always been one of the more strongly booked Superstars on the roster that wins more matches than he actually loses. Maybe there's an off chance that he could defeat AJ Styles in a clean contest. Maybe we do see the return of the 'Knee to Face' era.

All said and done, after the current build, we doubt that the match will go down this way. The other four explanations are far more likely to occur.

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