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5 Potential Finishes for AJ Styles vs. Shinsuke Nakamura 

Riju Dasgupta
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This could potentially be a show stealer during the show!
This could potentially be a show stealer during the show!

They went into WrestleMania 34 as two world-class babyfaces. They had one of the better matches of the night. And then, Shinsuke Nakamura did the unthinkable. He hit a low blow on AJ Styles.

In the weeks that would follow, Nakamura would hit low blow after low blow on the WWE Champion. Gone is the charismatic rockstar that everyone in the WWE Universe fell in love with, the moment they saw him. In his place is a sick and devious human being.

And now, these two men will clash at Backlash in a no-DQ match for SmackDown Live's top prize. In this article, we shall attempt to give you a glimpse into the carnage that we could witness.

Here are 5 possible finishes for this explosive contest.

#5 AJ Styles wears a cup

Lest one forget, Nakamura is still a world class athlete in a league of his own
Maybe this time when Nakamura goes for the low blow, he hurts himself!

If one were attacked with a flurry of low blows in real life, this would be the first precaution he would take. We're surprised that even in storyline, AJ Styles hasn't done it yet. Maybe this time when Nakamura goes for the low blow, there's a surprise waiting for him. Maybe this time, Styles wears a cup.

This is a finish that is logical and will surely get a pop from the WWE Universe. Even though the matches the two men have had have been solid, they haven't been the dream matches that we had expected from Nakamura and Styles. This could be a memorable finish and a great way to bring the feud to a logical finish.

Sometimes telling a story can trump having a technical classic, we believe. And to that thought, we raise a cup!

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