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WWE Hell in a Cell 2017: 5 potential finishes for Bobby Roode vs Dolph Ziggler

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The Glorious On
The Glorious One vs The Show Off goes down at Hell In A Cell

Fans of SmackDown Live have been treated to a running segment in recent weeks thanks to Dolph Ziggler. He's been testing out a few new gimmicks and hasn't really found one yet. But what he has discovered is a ton of heat from the crowd and if the "CM Punk" chants weren't enough of an indication I don't know what is.

Bobby Roode came out to stop the silliness and insert some of his Gloriousness. The two were set to lock horns at Hell In A Cell with two weeks of build up. Although it wasn't much time to really get this rivalry moving, Dolph Ziggler and Bobby Roode will have a chance to wow the Detroit crowd at Hell In A Cell.

Here is a list of five ways that encounter could end up. Although a few of them might be a bit outlandish, never put it past WWE to book something even more over-the-top. Besides, this program has been plenty different enough already.

#5 Ziggler walks off

What is Ziggler just leaves?

Dolph Ziggler's latest mantra has been that he doesn't care about the fans. His lackadaisical attitude towards the WWE Universe's favour might see him just taking off before this contest gets underway.

"The Show Off" rolled his eyes and walked away on SmackDown Live after Bobby Roode popped off his Glorious catchphrase followed by his theme song. What if Dolph Ziggler simply refuses to partake in a contest which might legitimise Bobby Roode?

If Ziggler walked off it would certainly give this feud more time to build. I might also serve as a platform for even more hilarious Dolph Ziggler entrance parodies. After all, there's a slew of WWE Superstars from the past and present he hasn't taken a shot at. Ziggler might eventually find one that sticks.

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