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WWE Hell in a Cell 2017: 5 potential finishes for Jinder Mahal vs. Shinsuke Nakamura 

Riju Dasgupta
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The confrontation presents a list of possibilities, and we list them here!
The confrontation presents many possibilities, and we list them here!

Jinder Mahal has held the WWE Championship for a really long time now and overtook many sports entertainment stalwarts in doing so. As it stands, he's held the title longer than Ric Flair as well as Mick Foley, among other WWE greats.

His story is one of perseverance and grit, and belief in oneself. It is also a story of questionable booking, because of the suddenness of his ascent to the top.

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Whatever your take on Jinder Mahal as champion may be, the fact remains that he's in one of the featured matches at Hell in a Cell, defending his championship against Shinsuke Nakamura.

Is it time for the title to change hands, or is it time for Mahal to march ever onward to break CM Punk's 434-day championship record reign? We present 5 possibilities for this big match, for your reading pleasure.

#5 An old friend helps Jinder Mahal out

Could The Great Khali help Jinder Mahal retain his coveted championship, once more?
Could The Great Khali help Jinder Mahal retain his coveted championship, once more?

Does it make sense for Jinder Mahal to drop the championship this close to the recently announced WWE Live Events in India? Something tells us that WWE may want Mahal to walk into India as their reigning and defending World Champion.

The Great Khali is a massive Indian superstar, in more ways than one, having appeared in films, reality shows and even advertisements within the country. WWE may want him by Jinder Mahal's side, as the big Indian tour approaches.

We've already seen him cost Randy Orton the Punjabi Prison match at WWE Battleground, and we could see him make a massive return at Hell in a Cell. Khali could even stay back for a brief run, going into the India tour, for about two months, as Jinder Mahal's closest ally.

There has been very little heat, going into the match, so WWE may want a big talking point emerging from the match, with the Great Khali's massive reappearance.

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