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5 Potential Finishes for the AJ Styles vs Dean Ambrose TLC 2016 Match

Will the Chinless Wonder make an appearance?

The WWE presents their annual event Sunday, December 4th

On  Sunday, December 4th, WWE presents its annual TLC pay per view. Unlike in years past, this year's event is brand exclusive, being the sole property of SmackDown Live. A number of matches on the card are interesting, in that their implications are quite fascinating.

Whether it's the WWE SmackDown Live Women's Championship, the Intercontinental championship match, the tag team championship, or a chairs match between Kalisto and Baron Corbin, it seems as though each match has a specific allure.

But of all the matches listed on the card, one match appears to have fans talking at great length: WWE World Heavyweight Champion AJ Styles, defending his championship against the former champion, Dean Ambrose. This appears to be the match fans want to discuss the most, as it has so many potential twists and turns.

Who will come out on top, and walk into 2017 as the WWE World Heavyweight champion? Fans can be sure that there will be several bumps and risks taken by both men, but no one can predict with certainty, who will walk away as the champion. Here are five potential finishes for the AJ Styles and Dean Ambrose tables, ladders and chairs Championship match.

#5 John Cena returns and costs Dean Ambrose a win

Cena could be back to settle the score with Ambrose

He refers to himself as 'the face that runs the place,' but in his absence, AJ Styles has taken over the moniker. John Cena's absences in recent years have usually been so that he could serve as an ambassador of WWE.

While he has been on talk shows doing publicity for an upcoming event, or his part in an upcoming film, the idea has been to elevate him to the same echelon as The Rock, a crossover star that transcends wrestling. The difference is that The Rock achieved the majority of his film success, once he committed all his time to that career.

Cena’s involvement in other areas of the entertainment industry, such as his current absence, while taping the 'American Grit' reality show, leads to just brief absences from WWE, and he returns after a short time.

Fans have long wanted John Cena to turn heel. His mantra of hustle, loyalty and respect, seems to have worn thin, and a new mantra is needed. This brings us to the WWE World Heavyweight championship match.

While a heel turn could be a possibility for Cena, him interfering to cost Ambrose could simply be to set up a rematch for himself against Styles. It could be motivated by his jealousy of Ambrose or a desire for his own opportunity.

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