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5 Potential Finishes for the IC Title Ladder Match at the Greatest Royal Rumble 

Riju Dasgupta
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This will be one match for the ages
This will be one match for the ages

One of the marquee matches at the Greatest Royal Rumble features four WWE stars in a massive ladder match. The prize? The second most prestigious title on brand RAW. The Miz, Samoa Joe, Seth Rollins and Finn Balor will compete in a match that could potentially steal the show.

As stacked as the card is, this is one match to watch out for. It's impossible to predict who will walk away with the big prize. It could be any of the four men involved really.

We shall pick out 5 ways this match could come to a conclusion. Please let us know your thoughts on our picks and also how you think the match could possibly end.

Here are 5 potential finishes for the contest.

#5 The Miztourage play spoilsport, Samoa Joe wins

We know that The Miztourage may be at odds with three of the four parties
We know that The Miztourage may be at odds with three of the four parties

We saw The Miztourage leaving The Miz high and dry last week. We saw them unable to form a new Shield with Seth Rollins. We saw them not being included in the Balor Club either. That leaves Samoa Joe.

Could The Miztourage come to the Greatest Royal Rumble with revenge on their mind and disrupt the chances of The Miz, Seth Rollins and Finn Balor? They may not actually want Samoa Joe to win the match but Joe could win as a result of the interruption. And he could become the Intercontinental Champion, taking the title to SmackDown Live.

How will the Championship return to RAW in that case? Well, Roman Reigns can bring it back at Backlash when he takes on the Samoan Submission Machine. It's actually a pretty likely possibility if you honestly think about it.

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