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5 Potential finishes for Randy Orton vs. The Fiend at WrestleMania 37- Major return to action, Former WWE superstar repackaged?

So many things could happen in this almost otherworldly clash
So many things could happen in this almost otherworldly clash
Riju Dasgupta
Modified 07 Apr 2021
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Neither The Fiend nor Randy Orton was featured in the go-home show of RAW before WrestleMania. This caused a lot of outrage on the internet, from fans who were pumped about the show.

There is an air of mystique when it comes to The Fiend and Randy Orton ahead of their massive WrestleMania clash. Nobody knows how the contest is going to pan out, because of the supernatural elements involved.

We are as much in the dark as you are, but here are five ways that the match could potentially play out. Do let us know how you think the match will pan out.

Is it The Fiend's time to shine or will the veteran Randy Orton manage to overcome the supernatural forces that the unearthly being will conjure at WrestleMania?

#5 Randy Orton defeats The Fiend clean, with an RKO

Let's just state right off the bat that this is not a scenario that is likely to happen.

WrestleMania is an annual event where the babyface stands tall. Especially this year, with the world in lockdown mode, the audience wants a reason to celebrate. While The Fiend isn't a clean-cut babyface like Drew McIntyre, Randy Orton is the clear wrongdoer in this feud and hasn't received his punishment yet.


That said, this is an article where we explore every single possibility, and yes, it is not impossible to surmise that Orton could win this match.

Everyone loves a good RKO, and that could be the reasoning for Vince McMahon to have The Viper stand tall in this contest. In the opinion of this author, however, The Fiend should just kick out of just about every RKO thrown his way.

Now that we've explored that possibility, let's examine four other scenarios which may sound ridiculous but are yet more probable than this one.

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Published 07 Apr 2021, 10:20 IST
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