5 Potential finishes for Roman Reigns vs. Jey Uso "I Quit" Hell in a Cell match 

Two cousins will battle it out for the Universal Championship with the highest stakes
Two cousins will battle it out for the Universal Championship with the highest stakes
Kartik Arry

Not only will Roman Reigns and Jey Uso's Hell in a Cell clash be the first-ever HIAC match with an "I Quit" stipulation, but The Tribal Chief revealed some high-stakes consequences on the go-home episode of WWE SmackDown.

The Usos and their respective families will be exiled from the overarching Anoa'i family if Jey Uso loses at WWE Hell in a Cell, while Roman Reigns will no longer be at the head of the table if he loses against Jey Uso at the aforementioned event.

Many have said that this particular feud has been the best aspect of WWE's programming heading into Hell in a Cell, and with those expectations in mind, here are five potential finishes for Roman Reigns and Jey Uso's Hell in a Cell "I Quit" Match for the Universal Championship.

#5: Roman Reigns makes Jey Uso quit in a relatively straightforward WWE Hell in a Cell Match

With such an intriguing storyline at hand, WWE fans tend to overthink a lot in terms of possible outcomes. But the facts are as follows- Roman Reigns is the stronger cousin compared to Jey Uso, and it's very likely that The Tribal Chief will hold the Universal Championship for a long time.

An obvious way for this match to pan out would be for Reigns to dominate the most of it. To this, add a little bit of smack talk from the Tribal Chief. After the introduction of a couple of chairs or kendo sticks, Roman Reigns retains his Universal Championship by driving Jey Uso to quit due to exhaustion inside WWE Hell in a Cell.

Jey Uso might put up a good effort, but at the end of the night, all bets have been placed in favour of the most mainstream star from the current generation of WWE, Roman Reigns.

#4: Jimmy Uso helps his twin brother to defeat Roman Reigns for the WWE Universal Championship

Inside WWE's hellacious cell structure, there are no disqualifications, and interferences are bound to happen as a result. Surely, the cell door remains firmly locked for the most part, but a pair of bolt cutters can easily override the premise of only two men being locked inside the cell.

Jimmy Uso got involved in Jey Uso and Reigns' storyline on the latest edition of WWE SmackDown. So it's possible that he could interfere during Hell in a Cell as well.

The chances of Jey Uso winning clean are pretty unlikely, so if WWE chooses to surprise their fanbase by putting the title on Jey Uso, it would be a good idea to involve his twin brother, Jimmy Uso, this Sunday.

Perhaps the threat of The Usos together, as a unit, is the only way Jey Uso will be able to outsmart The Tribal Chief of the Anoa'i family. This potential finish wouldn't be too far-fetched since The Usos have been a team ever since they first arrived in WWE, so it would take a lot for Reigns to put both of them down together.

#3: The winner of Otis and The Miz's MITB contract match may cash-in on the winner of Roman Reigns and Jey Uso's WWE Universal title match

At this point, it doesn't look like WWE are going to turn Otis into a more serious star who could pose a threat to the top champions of the company anytime soon. Although Otis and his shenanigans are pretty entertaining, putting the Money in the Bank briefcase on him may not have been the best possible decision.

Sure, Otis has one year to cash-in the Money in the bank contract, but WWE could solve the aforementioned problem right away by booking The Miz to win the MITB briefcase in his scheduled matchup against Otis at Hell in a Cell. The Miz is technically a part of RAW now and it would make more sense for him to cash-in on the WWE Champion. But still, as a potential scenario, cashing-in on the champion of his rival's brand would mean rubbing salt into the wounds of Otis.

Either way, whoever holds the MITB briefcase can technically cash-in on the winner of the Universal title Match this Sunday, so the possibility of it happening had to be mentioned in this article.

Roman Reigns vs. Jey Uso will most likely be a brutal contest at WWE Hell in a Cell, and the MITB briefcase holder might want to capitalize on this opportunity at the upcoming event.

#2: Jimmy Uso has no choice but to quit on Jey Uso's behalf when Roman Reigns brutalizes his WWE Hell in a Cell opponent to the point of unconsciousness

Conflict is the one thing that makes a WWE storyline intriguing, and the biggest conflict in Roman Reigns and Jey Uso's feud has been their family roots. But for Jimmy Uso's character, he definitely wants his twin brother to win because of several reasons, with the main one being the ex-communication of The Usos from the Anoa'i family if Roman wins.

At the same time, it doesn't look like Roman Reigns is going to stop at any cost to retain the Universal Championship that he rightfully deserves. WWE Clash of Champions might have been a preview of the lengths Roman Reigns is willing to go in order to win, but Hell in a Cell could top the same ending by several miles.

While Jimmy Uso threw the towel in for the sake of his twin brother's health at Clash of Champions, calling it quits on Jey Uso's behalf at WWE Hell in a Cell is going to be different because the premise of The Usos being exiled from the Anoa'i family makes that decision even more heartbreaking.

This could be an excellent way to address the situation if Jey Uso gets knocked out, instead of opting for a "referee stoppage" scenario like Seth Rollins and The Fiend's widely-criticized fight from last year's Hell in a Cell pay-per-view.

#1: Roman Reigns makes Jey Uso quit by threatening to throw him off the top of WWE's cell structure; Reigns sends Uso crashing down anyways


On Sportskeeda's Hell in a Cell predictions video as well as the SmackDown recap show (Smack Talk) hosted by Denise Salcedo, it was brought up that a popular prediction running amongst WWE's massive fanbase is that Roman Reigns could do the unthinkable by shoving Jey Uso off the top of the hellish structure.

The possibility of that happening feels more likely after watching the ending of WWE SmackDown, where Jey Uso effortlessly climbed up the cell structure from the outside to send a message to The Tribal Chief.

Hoping that someone falls off the top of Hell in a Cell sounds diabolical, but it is an interesting possibility that needs to be explored in this article.

If both Reigns and Uso make it to the top with the former being in control, Reigns could make Jey Uso quit by threatening to drop him twenty feet below if the latter star doesn't acknowledge Reigns as The Tribal Chief.

But the evilest part of this whole scenario would be if Roman Reigns disowns his cousin by throwing him off the top of the cell structure even after the match is over. WWE Superstar Roman Reigns would be established as a despicable heel after commencing The Usos' exile from the Anoa'i family in such a brutal fashion.

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