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5 Potential opponents for Finn Balor in NXT

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Modified 21 Dec 2019, 00:39 IST

#4 The Velveteen Dream

Dream would likely play some mind games with Balor.
Dream would likely play some mind games with Balor.

If both Superstars are staying in NXT for awhile, then Balor and The Velveteen Dream have to cross paths. Dream is one of the best characters in all of WWE and further solidifies his future-star status with his in-ring game. He has brought the house down at every TakeOver including matches with Tomasso Ciampa, Roderick Strong, and Pete Dunne.

The reason why this would be interesting is that Balor seems to get irked by truly strange beings like The Fiend. Dream is the strangest being in NXT albeit in a totally different fashion. The feud would likely require Balor to pull out his alter ego, The Demon.

If these two are around and Balor hasn't won the NXT Championship, then this would be a great match for a WrestleMania or another big PPV weekend.

#3 Pete Dunne

Dunne recently jumped from NXT UK to NXT.
Dunne recently jumped from NXT UK to NXT.

Pete Dunne is similar to Balor in that each man was the biggest star in their respective brands. Balor was arguably the most popular star in NXT history and Pete Dunne carried NXT UK on his back until Walter cracked his back and took his title.

While Dunne is more of a submission based wrestler than Balor, it would still be a great match up, pitting the former face of NXT against its future. Why else would Dunne have been shifted over to NXT? He joined the Yellow Brand to up the star power, have big matches, and challenge for the NXT Championship (at some point). Those are the same reasons why Balor is back at Full Sail.

Balor and Dunne could also team up against the Undisputed Era, before eventually breaking up and engaging in a feud. Creative wouldn't have to make one of the men a heel, as both are already over with the WWE Universe. WarGames is coming up fast, so if TUE is going to anchor the match for the third-straight year, they'll need a group comprised of big names as opposition. Balor and Dunne would certainly not have TUE's chemistry, but would need to co-exist. Would they be able to?

Published 03 Oct 2019, 15:40 IST
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