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5 Potential twists for WWE RAW: January 21st, 2019

Rohit Nath
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Published 21 Jan 2019, 20:55 IST
21 Jan 2019, 20:55 IST

What will be the repercussions?
What will be the repercussions?

RAW tonight is going to be extremely interesting. Last week, we saw a title change, we saw tensions boiling and we saw Braun Strowman stripped of his Universal title opportunity at the Royal Rumble.

The saying goes that one man's pain is another man's gain. Finn Balor turned out to be the biggest beneficiary. Vince McMahon wasn't' convinced that he belonged in the Universal title picture with Drew McIntyre, Baron Corbin and John Cena standing in the ring. However, he would prove McMahon wrong by first defending his #1 contender spot, and then going on to win it by pinning none other than one of the all-time greats, John Cena.

Balor cementing his match against Lesnar concluded an incredible episode of RAW, and this week, expect a lot of twists and turns. Here are five such twists.

#5 The Revival wins the RAW Tag Team Championship

WWE Photo

The Revival has certainly been the hot topic of the wrestling world lately. In case you're not aware, the rumour mill has revealed that The Revival reportedly asked for their release.

To further the claims, Scott Dawson's father revealed in a Tweet that The Revival was told to give WWE three months to prove that things are changing. The tweet quickly disappeared, of course.

Another claim states that The Revival asked for their release not only because of their booking but because of the booking of the RAW Tag Team division.

Amidst all these rumours and them leaving, what if WWE works us all and puts the tag team titles on them? We've seen random impromptu tag team title matches, and with The Revival still having a clear claim to a RAW Tag title match, this may very well be the moment where WWE pulls the trigger and pushes The Revival.

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