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5 Problems with Braun Strowman vs Brock Lesnar at No Mercy 2017

Anthony Mango
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Strowman vs Lesnar
This seems great until you start thinking more critically about it.

After his stellar performance at SummerSlam 2017, WWE is going all-in with Braun Strowman being the next singles opponent for Brock Lesnar at the upcoming No Mercy 2017 event on September 24th.

On paper, this seems like an amazing idea, as it will feature two of the biggest men on the roster piggybacking off their brutal confrontation.

However, once you get past that initial excitement and begin examining it with a more critical eye, you can start to see several problems that emerge from this booking decision.

In more ways than one, this isn't going to turn out to be as amazing as people are expecting it to be and we'll be sitting there on September 25th wondering why the Universal Championship picture is in the state it's in.

Here are five reasons why this match is going to have issues before, during, and after it happens and why despite the fun we'll have along the way, it will end up being more of a mistake than a benefit to the roster.

#1 Who is the babyface in the match?

SummerSlam 2017
This was perhaps the biggest babyface pop of the entire night for SummerSlam, which was given to a heel.

Between The Beast Incarnate and The Monster Among Men, which one of them is supposed to be the fan favourite?

As far as issues go, this is the least worrisome, but it's still a problem that will come up.

Yes, it's okay to have heel vs. heel, face vs. face or tweener vs. tweener matches from time to time and it won't cause the entire company to collapse and the stock points to fall, but it does pose a few potential ways to disturb the peace.

For example, if Strowman is getting as positive of a reaction as he's been lately and WWE wants him to remain a heel, putting him up against someone he'd be cheered against will further cement his status as a fan favorite—counterproductive to what stories they'll want to tell after No Mercy.

That would force them to have to do damage control and retrace their footsteps in trying to make him seem like a bad guy again, which is double the work, and with as many rematches and hastily thrown together feuds as we've been having lately, sometimes, it appears as though having to work is the opposite goal of the creative team.

One single match can sway the WWE Universe into thinking a certain way about a wrestler and WWE might find themselves stuck with needing to turn Strowman into a full babyface, or at least dealing with a diminished effectiveness of him as a heel.

This may not seem like a thing, but look at how Samoa Joe has been cheered ever since facing Lesnar. He and The Miz were the clear favourites against Roman Reigns and John Cena, which is the complete opposite of how WWE would want the crowd to react.

Whenever WWE doesn't listen to the fans and their reactions, nobody wins.

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