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5 Real-Life Backstage Fights in WWE and Their Outcomes

Kevin Cooper
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Let's start-off the featurette without further ado
Did the American Gold Medallist get the better of The Beast?

When a brand such as WWE is stuffed with a vast majority of talent, there are rugged chances that these Superstars might get into a verbal or physical confrontation due to their different mindsets.

Though back in time these types of altercations would happen most of the times, now in the current era, Superstars are really professional and they always try to stay away from these incidents.

But truth be told, these types of brawls have happened quite a few times in WWE. In this feature, I'm going to reveal some real-life backstage fights that happened in WWE and who emerged victorious in them. Let's start off the feature without further ado.

#5 Chris Jericho Gets Infuriated by Brock Lesnar's Action

Soon after Lesnar came backstage, Y2J confronted Lesnar toe-to-toe without any hesitation
Soon after Lesnar came backstage, Y2J confronted Lesnar toe-to-toe without any hesitation

When you're in a fight with a guy like Brock Lesnar it's better to back off. But guess what, Chris Jericho isn't the type of guy. The story goes back to the SummerSlam 2016 where The Beast Incarnate, Brock Lesnar, was scheduled to face-off against The Viper, Randy Orton.

As witnessed, the match was cut short after Lesnar busted Orton open. And as believed many people, Lesnar has gone off-script for his own better good by sacrificing Orton, Chris Jericho was among them.

Soon after Lesnar came backstage following his match, Y2J confronted Lesnar face-to-face without any hesitation. And as reported, just as the two were about to go from the verbal confrontation to physical, the boss, Vince McMahon came between the two men to cool down them.

So, seeing how Jericho stand up for his best friend Randy Orton, and went on to the verbally attacking Lesnar without any fear and didn't back down until the boss came in, Jericho clearly came atop in this fight.

Winner: Chris Jericho

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