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These matches got real
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The WWE Universe has witnessed some great matches, interesting storylines, and feuds which almost looked personal and real. A couple of wrestlers might have gone too far with their promos and dialogues but that's just about it.

Nothing actually transpired after The Miz went a step ahead in his altercation with Daniel Bryan, except WWE used it to its advantage and brought about a storyline which was 8 years in the making.

The Rock and John Cena have had great in-ring promos where both the wrestlers have gone ahead of the script and said controversial and passed more personal comments on each other. Cena even took the time to call out Roman Reigns about his poor promo work in front of thousands of fans in the middle of the ring.

These moments nonetheless have only remained within the show and had had no major impact behind the camera or to people's knowledge.

Many people are aware of the fact that The Rock and John Cena don't get along really well in real life, but nothing regarding their personal life has affected the quality and given rise to any backstage brawl involving the two superstars behind the camera.

But situations like these have happened. Possibly not involving John Cena or The Rock, but other great and legendary superstars of WWE. Let's jump right to the list of the 5 real fights that happened backstage and these, unlike every WWE fight, were legitimate brawls.

Big Show vs The Great Khali


A Goliath vs Goliath affair happened when Big Show got visibly upset with The Great Khali at an event in Puerto Rico in 2009. The Great Khali, The Undertaker, and Kane took on Chris Jericho, CM Punk and The Big Show in a tag team match.

After the match concluded, Big Show confronted Khali backstage about stealing moves that were supposed to be exclusive to him, like the chest chops.

What transpired after was a couple of punches from Big Show, some great blocks, and Big Show tripping on a chair and Khali jumping on top to take him down. It was a lovely segment for all the other superstars involved but both were later separated by fellow wrestlers.

Chris Jericho vs Sin Cara


This interesting yet nonsensical fight happened on an International Tour. Sin Cara was making weird noises despite all the wrestlers asking him not to.

Chris Jericho, who must have been the most irritated of them all, thought of confronting the Lucha wrestler. Sin Cara, upon being questioned, just lost his temper and threw a punch. Jericho, in-return, bit his finger, and this concluded this great match inside the bus.

Chris Jericho vs Goldberg


Christ Jericho prevailed here against the undefeated Goldberg in a backstage brawl which took an ugly turn. Upon being pitted against Chris Jericho, Goldberg laughed it off, saying that he was not interested in fighting the small guys, as it would make him look bad.

Chris Jericho confronted him, and both of them got into a physical altercation. The result of this real fight behind the camera was surprising. Chris Jericho caught Goldberg in a face lock for a long time and later the wrestlers were separated.

Batista vs Booker T


At a time when Batista was being booked as the face of the company and was enjoying a successful run as the World Champion, he wasn't as humble as one would hope. Batista had an inflated ego because of his bookings and stature in WWE during those days. And he liked to rub people the wrong way, which included Booker T at one point of time.

Both of these superstars got into a great five-minute fight and even after being mismatched against the giant Animal, Booker T almost dominated the entire fight, leaving Batista with a black eye and some cuts on the face.

Bret Hart vs Shawn Michaels


Both these superstars got into a really tough spot when The Heartbreak Kid made revealing remarks about Bret Hart in a promo for his match. I'm refering to the infamous Sunny Days comment, and things boiled down to a real fight which happened backstage. Bret Hart charged at Shawn Michaels, tearing a small chunk of his hair and dominating the entire time before the two superstars were separated.

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