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5 reasons AJ Styles isn't being wasted at WWE WrestleMania 37

AJ Styles
AJ Styles
Modified 07 Apr 2021
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AJ Styles is, without a doubt, one of WWE's most popular and reliable stars. Since his very first WrestleMania match against Chris Jericho at 'Mania 32, each year since has seen the Phenomenal One ticking off items on the Matches At WrestleMania That Prove You're a Big Shot List (we're working on a better title for that).

Match with Shane McMahon? Check. High profile world title match? Check. Match with the Undertaker? Check. He also beat Randy Orton one year, which isn't on the list but is still pretty impressive. I mean, have you defeated Randy Orton at WrestleMania before? I doubt it (and if you have, please email me).

So, when it was announced that Styles would be teaming up with his associate Omos in a Raw Tag Team Championship match against the New Day, some fans were a little miffed.

"Why are they wasting Styles in a tag team match at Mania?" they seemed to be collectively saying.

"Shouldn't he be wrestling Triple H or some other arbitrary high-profile match we feel he should be in?"

And, to that I say, well... yeah, sure. But, this match he's in this year isn't the demotion some of you think it is.

And here are five reasons why.

#5. AJ Styles has already been in some major WrestleMania matches in the past... cut the guy some slack.

Chris Jericho vs AJ Styles - WrestleMania 32
Chris Jericho vs AJ Styles - WrestleMania 32

AJ Styles has been in WWE since 2016 - just a little over six years as I write this. That might seem like a long time (and time is relative, according to Einstein, so... let's consider that), but look at the tenure of one of his opponents this weekend, for example - Kofi Kingston.

This weekend will be Kingston's ninth match at the Show of Shows - and the majority of them have been either Money in the Bank matches or 27-man tag team matches or something. What I'm getting at is that no matter how great a performer is, they can't main event WrestleMania every year. Unless you're Hulk Hogan, I guess.

But, there's also more to this tag match than people are considering.

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Published 07 Apr 2021, 02:46 IST
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