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5 reasons Alexa Bliss will be the female face of WWE

Just like Alexa this'll be short and not so sweet - Bliss is destined for greatness.

Alexa Bliss
Alexa Bliss is on the way up in the WWE

In terms of improvements since the brand split, Alexa Bliss has been one of the stand-out performers on either Raw or SmackDown Live. The SD Women's Champion is extremely capable in the ring, and her overall work since first appearing on the blue brand has been better than anyone could have possibly anticipated.

With that being said, it's time to consider the possibility that the former NXT Superstar could be the next female face of the company. As we've touched on before, her work draws a lot of comparisons to Trish Stratus, and her position in WWE could soon rival that of Trish in her prime.

That, in itself, is a huge compliment. Not many women get to reach the top in WWE and be considered on the same level as some of the male competitors, but Bliss has the tools necessary to break down those boundaries with ease.

Her commitment to her craft and obvious dedication, when it comes to constantly improving herself is there for all to see, and she's already started reaping the rewards.

Obviously, we need to be objective and there's still a long way to go, so with that in mind here are five reasons why Alexa Bliss will become the female face of World Wrestling Entertainment.

#1 Charisma

Alexa Bliss
Bliss’ facial expressions are one of her best traits

If you're going to thrive as a WWE Superstar, you need to tick every box. You can't just be solid in the ring or just have personality because unless you're able to combine all the traits required, Vince likely isn't going to trust you with a big title within the company.

That being said, Bliss certainly has the charisma to back up her work in the ring. Her constant facial expressions coupled with a growing confidence on the microphone draws the audience in on a weekly basis, and the important thing about her character is that she's actually believable.

The spoiled little girl who thinks she's better than everyone is a role that Bliss plays to absolute perfection. With her cheerleading and bodybuilding background, you can feel that personality shine through when she's portraying a heel, and the fact she knows that she is better than everyone in the division is what makes her so appealing.

Speaking of appealing, we move onto another aspect of her game.

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