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5 reasons Bray Wyatt shouldn't win the WWE Championship at the Elimination Chamber

He's the favourite for Sunday's PPV but here's why he shouldn't win the Chamber match.

Bray Wyatt holding his lamp
Wyatt is clearly the favourite for this Sunday

He's a fan favourite and judging by the betting odds, he's clearly the gambler's favourite for this Sunday. Bray Wyatt for the past couple of years has been the so-so nearly guy. The guy that works with every single big name on the card but never gets that top level win.

Wyatt has recently jobbed to Cena, Orton, Undertaker, Ambrose & Reigns over the years, now the fans finally think it's time for him to get that marquee win. However, I don't think that marquee win should arrive on Sunday. His time will come but Sunday isn't the time for the eater of Worlds to win the title.

Don't get angry at me, just take the time to listen to my reasoning. Here are 5 reasons why Bray Wyatt shouldn't win the WWE Championship at the Elimination Chamber.

#5 The Miz deserves it more

The Miz holding a mic in the ring
The Miz is a 6-time IC Champion

The most must-see WWE Superstar in WWE history truly was an A-lister last year. His work with the Intercontinental Championship has truly changed the landscape of SmackDown. At a time, his Intercontinental title was looked at more favourably than the WWE Championship.

That's all down to the brilliant storytelling of the Miz. Now it's time for the WWE to reward him, seeing as he's now put over Dean Ambrose, the Miz needs to be taken to the next level.

At present, Bray Wyatt is a clear 1/10 favourite to win the Chamber match while the Miz is 4th in the rankings at 14/1. If he were to win, it'd be a shock and a worthwhile shock that legitimises the main event status of the Miz. After putting a decade of solid work into the WWE I think it's time officials rewarded the veteran with another top title run.

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