5 Reasons Brock Lesnar’s Money in the Bank Cash-In Should Fail

  • Winning Money in the Bank almost always spells a new world champion,but it shouldn't for Brock Lesnar.
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Brock Lesnar has the Money in the Bank briefcase. What if his cash-in fails?
Brock Lesnar has the Money in the Bank briefcase. What if his cash-in fails?

At the 2019 Money in the Bank PPV, Brock Lesnar made an unannounced return to action to win the briefcase and shake up the Universal Championship picture. After all, when Lesnar is around and in the title hunt, he’s an instant threat to any belt he might be pursuing. Position him with Money in the Bank—a gimmick that has facilitated world title wins for Jack Swagger, The Miz, and a number of other previously non-main event guys—and it feels as though The Beast Incarnate would be a lock for another title reign.

But what if Lesnar cashes in and fails?

Lesnar wouldn’t be the first Superstar to fail. In fact, his two direct predecessors with the male briefcase, Baron Corbin and Braun Strowman, each came up short in trying to convert Money in the Bank into a title. There’s some debate as to whether those talents should have won world titles. In Lesnar’s case, there’s a real argument to be made that he shouldn’t. This article looks at five reasons why Lesnar’s cash-in should fail.

#5 Lesnar can weather the failure

Brock Lesnar
Brock Lesnar's credibility can weather a failed cash-in.

The very first man to cash in Money in the Bank and not leave the ring with a world title in hand was John Cena. That happened in 2012 and in so doing established that Money in the Bank could fail its holder (besides the more immediate storyline of CM Punk’s heel turn). Cena was the perfect guy to come up short in that particular way, given that the gimmick seems so designed to all but guarantee success for the briefcase holder. If anyone were to fail, Cena was about as bulletproof as it gets — already a highly decorated world champ and the face of the company.

In Brock Lesnar, WWE may have an even more credible Money in the Bank winner than Cena. Lesnar is the ultimate monster heel, booked as a dominant force for most of his time with WWE, besides which his real-life credentials in MMA mean that it”s not as though people are going to stop taking him seriously if he doesn't successfully cash in. Sure, there’s value in the electricity of a cash-in working, but the briefcase is a more valuable creative tool for WWE when it doesn’t guarantee success. Lesnar coming up short reinforces that Money in the Bank isn’t a sure thing.

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Published 07 Jun 2019, 02:49 IST
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