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5 Reasons Why Brock Lesnar is Still WWE's Biggest Draw

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13.78K   //    11 Jul 2016, 21:12 IST
Despite his recent win in UFC, Brock Lesnar continues to a huge draw in WWE

Brock Lesnar proved once again he is the baddest man on the planet. After a win in UFC 200 in a unanimous decision over Mark Hunt, the No. 8 contender in the heavyweight division, Lesnar may not be done with the octagon at 38 years old. The first win for the former World Heavyweight Champion, Lesnar now changes gears and will concentrate on his career in Vince McMahon’s WWE traveling circus.

But, as always, the door wasn’t closed on a return to the sport he came to and conquered only to leave and return again.

This was Lesnar’s first win in UFC since 2010.

According to Damon Martin of Fox Sports, Lesnar was given permission by his employers at WWE to return for UFC 200, but given the reception he received along with the performance he put on, it seems pretty possible he'll want to compete again.

Once the excitement of what fans and the media starts to subside, there is Randy Orton on the horizon in a match at WWE SummerSlam – a match announced last week. The most pressing issue the McMahons faced with allowing Lesnar to put the gloves on again was a loss – one that could have been disastrous for both Lesnar and McMahon and Dana White’s plan to make the Beast Incarnate the key figure in the MMA promotion’s biggest event.

Had he lost to Hunt, how could WWE book him as the biggest, baddest dude to get in a squared-circle? How could the match with Orton – who is returning from injury – mean anything? How would fans accept him as the unconquered?

Everything fell into place on Saturday night – including some syrupy-sweet love between WWE and UFC with the promotion of SummerSlam. Does this mean more business between the two promotions in the future? It’s quite possible. Now with August a month away Lesnar becomes even bigger news. Here is why he is the greatest wrestling character of this generation.

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