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5 reasons Capitol Punishment was actually a decent PPV

WWE Capitol Punishment is often seen as a bad PPV, but it's actually quite decent looking back.

Capitol Punishment
Capitol Punishment is severely underrated

Year in and year out WWE always seem to be trying new pay-per-view concepts in order to try and re-invent themselves. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't, but usually you can tell in the days following the event whether or not the WWE Universe enjoyed themselves.

It's very rare that you get a new idea that people love, but sometimes fans can be a tad too harsh towards these shows.

Take Capitol Punishment for example. The show was held in Washington D.C, and as such, there was a very presidential theme to the pay-per-view. You had Obama lookalikes, red white and blue ropes and a number of different nods towards the United States of America. Unfortunately, a lot of people didn't take too kindly to the idea.

It received a lot of negative reviews and to this day people tend to look back on it with a frown rather than a smile, but there are definitely some positives that can be drawn from it.

If nothing else, WWE tried something that was a bit different and felt unique, which is something they can sometimes be criticised for not doing. Make up your minds, WWE Universe.

So with that being said, let's look at five reasons why Capitol Punishment was actually a decent PPV.

#1 Set

The set was extremely unique

Everything about this pay-per-view felt different. Back in 2011, we were still in the age where WWE put some serious effort into their set and staging, which ended up making Capitol Punishment about ten times better.

The scene of superstars coming down the ramp in front of a version of the White House was really fascinating, and it played into the presidential idea brilliantly.

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It made this feel more than a B-show and whilst we all know that's exactly what it was, there was still enough effort put in by WWE to make it feel important.

It fit the location of Washington D.C and the theme was evident throughout the night, which is something you don't see nowadays as the company don't put much focus into the little details as often.

Onto a specific matchup that gave us a look into the future.

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