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5 reasons Cesaro is seriously overrated

A lot of people love him but the rest of us have seen the light, Cesaro is very overrated. Let me tell you why.

Top 5 / Top 10 22 Feb 2017, 10:13 IST
Is he really held back?

For year upon year, we've all lapped up the Cesaro sob-story, the sob-story narrative that he's being held down by the WWE from being a bigger star. Fans genuinely believe that the Swiss Superman isn't where he's meant to be because of Vince McMahon. Wrong. He isn't a bigger star because basically, he's not a star in the first place.

I don't really understand why nowadays fans always blame backstage officials for the failures of Superstars, have you ever thought of attributing that blame at the Superstar themselves? There are times when Superstars cause their own downfall and I'm going to tell you how Cesaro orchestrated his situation.

Here are 5 reasons why Cesaro is seriously overrated.

#5 He's never perfected any gimmick

Cesaro alongside Zeb Colter on WWE Main Event
Cesaro truly speaks 5 languages

When WWE superstars don't reach their 'potential', many blame the creative team for poor booking. But there has been many a Superstar that has turned a dire gimmick into something profitable. Recent examples include Stardust and the most popular trio on RAW today, the New Day.

When life gives you lemons you turn around and make champagne.

For those who forget, when Cesaro first debuted on SmackDown he was Antonio Cesaro the ex-Rugby player who could speak 5 languages. After woefully failing to connect with the fans and an uninspiring US title reign, he was repackaged as just 'Cesaro'.

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Cesaro would then go on to join the controversial Real Americans where the whole time he just looked out of place. Even a brief time alongside the legendary Paul Heyman couldn't bring out the best in Cesaro.

Now the Swiss Superman spends his numbered days alongside the Celtic warrior in a pairing that has long passed its expiry date.

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