5 Reasons Chris Jericho could return to WWE if he loses at AEW All Out 

There are several reasons why Chris Jericho could be set to return to WWE
There are several reasons why Chris Jericho could be set to return to WWE

Chris Jericho puts his AEW in-ring career on the line this weekend, but could that mean that a return to WWE is in the cards?

Jericho has been feuding with MJF for several months now, and this weekend at All Out, Y2J will be handed the rematch that he requested. That being said, if he loses, his in-ring career in AEW will come to an end.

The former WWE superstar has noted several times that the match stipulation will be honored, so if he does lose the match then he will never step into an AEW ring again.

“If I lose, I’ll never wrestle in an AEW ring again,” Jericho said. “That’s exactly what I said, and I mean it.”

I's likely that Jericho could now take a backseat and be looking to join the backstage team at AEW. He could easily transition to a commentary role and let other stars take the company to new heights. Still, there is a chance that the former world champion could be heading back to WWE if he loses to MJF.

The following list looks at just five reasons why Jericho could make his return to WWE following AEW All Out.

#5. Vince McMahon may have offered Chris Jericho a large sum of money to make a return to WWE

Vince McMahon and Chris Jericho have always had a close relationship. Before Y2J wrestled at Wrestle Kingdom a few years ago, the former world champion noted that he asked for the WWE Chairman's permission, though he wasn't under contract with WWE at the time.

Jericho has also made it clear in several interviews that wrestling is a business where it's hard to rule anything out. The former WWE star has been around the block a few times, and if he was offered a Brock Lesnar-style deal, then there's no reason why he would say no.

Vince McMahon's company has already released 52 superstars this year, which could mean that WWE has saved enough money to offer Jericho a huge contract.

Would "Le Champion" be open to returning to WWE if it was a short-term deal that allowed him to only wrestle a few dates? It's certainly possible, as it would also allow Jericho to continue to tour with Fozzy and travel whenever needed.

If wrestling in 2021 has taught fans anything, it's that they can never say never about situations like this.

#4. Chris Jericho's AEW contract could be due to expire, which would allow him to return to WWE

Chris Jericho could contractually return to WWE if his AEW contract expires in the near future.

While it's unclear exactly when Jericho's current deal will come to an end, it has been noted in several recent reports that it's due to expire at some point this year.

The former AEW Champion agreed to the stipulation of the match, so he obviously has a plan if the outcome isn't what fans are expecting. Several of these matches have happened in the past in WWE, and the wrestler in question actually left the company after losing the bout.

It's completely feasible that Jericho has agreed to have this match against MJF because he has been able to make the young heel a star, and Le Champion wants him to be the last person he wrestles in AEW.

If Jericho's contract is indeed set to expire, he could take some time away from the ring to heal and look after himself before then he makes a decision about his future. WWE will always be there for Jericho, and the door will always be open to someone at his level. For this reason, it's hard to rule out the former world champion returning to the place where he once reached new heights.

#3. Chris Jericho still has some dream matches that he wants to have in WWE

CM Punk recently noted AEW is the place to be, as it continues to generate a lot of buzz in the wrestling world. That being said, WWE still has some of the best talent in the world.

WWE will always be the leading company that is talked about in the wrestling world, and right now Roman Reigns is its biggest star.

Chris Jericho and Reigns have crossed paths in the past, but it would be incredible to see Y2J make his return to take Reigns on in the future. Beyond The Triba Chief, Jericho and Kevin Owens were once part of one of the greatest storylines in WWE.

Why wouldn't Jericho want to return and have another match against Owens? The two stars could aim to surpass their previous feud and deliver a remarkable match.

The former World Champion has a number of options in the wrestling world, but if he wants to build bridges, then WWE would be the perfect place to start.

#2. Chris Jericho wants to retire from the business in WWE

Chris Jericho first found major fame in the wrestling world in WWE; it was the first place that gave him a push towards the World Championship, and it remains the place that he is best associated with.

Jericho has been one of the main forces behind AEW, and he has worked hard to make it a success since it launched in 2019, but that doesn't mean that he has forgotten his roots.

There was a time when WWE was the only company that believed in him, and it's entirely possible that Jericho wants to end his career where it truly began.

Jericho has a lot of friends in WWE, and he could have decided that he wants to try to create some sort of bond between the two companies now that WWE and AEW are almost on the same level. This connection was somewhat teased when Jericho appeared on Steve Austin's Broken Skull Sessions earlier this year.

Jericho has a lot to offer WWE, and it would be great to see him end his career as a WWE Superstar. If he does, he would likely cement his place as a future WWE Hall of Famer. (The company might be reluctant to induct him right now, given his status as an AEW wrestler.)

#1. WWE's Monday Night RAW really needs a ratings boost right now, and Jericho could be the answer

Monday Night RAW has been struggling with its ratings ever since WWE SmackDown made its debut on FOX more than two years ago. In fact, the red brand's ratings had been declining, even more SmackDown made this move.

The company has been somewhat focused on ensuring that the blue brand is now their flagship show, so RAW has seemingly been overlooked. For months, RAW has been struggling to match SmackDown's ratings

Recent reports suggest that USA Network are putting pressure on WWE to make some changes since they are not happy that both Becky Lynch and Brock Lesnar made their return on SmackDown. Given these additions, SmackDown arguably has more star power than RAW right now.

It's easy to see this issue, but bringing Chris Jericho over from AEW in order to boost the RAW roster would likely keep USA Network happy. It would also give RAW a much-needed boost.

Has WWE been planning to take Jericho over from AEW the whole time? Could the former World Champion be set to make a surprise return to WWE following All Out? Fans will just have to wait and see.

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