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5 reasons Dixie Carter's TNA was awesome

Johny Payne
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Dixie Carter is one of the most genuine persons in the pro-wrestling business
Dixie Carter is one of the most genuine persons in the pro-wrestling business

Dixie Carter is without a doubt one of the most polarising figures in the world of professional wrestling.

The heir to a rich heritage of business acumen hailing from an oil tycoon family, Carter jumped into this business without any prior experience or knowledge of the ruthless game of sports-entertainment/wrestling.

Regardless, the hardcore fans and experts alike hailed her as a Messiah of sorts back in the early-2000s as she saved the Jeff Jarrett-founded promotion, formerly known as NWA-TNA from going under. Carter would eventually go on to establish TNA as a company which, in the mid-to-late-2000s, was legitimately considered a fierce competitor to the WWE.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at a few key reasons which made Carter’s TNA so awesome—

#5 TNA Messiah

Dixie' heroic efforts salvaged TNA from going under
Dixie's heroic efforts salvaged TNA from going under

Expounding upon what was mentioned earlier, for those unaware, Dixie Carter risked a huge sum of her own money by investing in an unknown project such as TNA back in the day. One ought to note, that she poured all those dollars into TNA at a time when the WWE had just bought out WCW, with the Vince McMahon-helmed promotion establishing itself as the sport’s topmost organization bar none.

Jarrett’s financers bailed on him, and TNA almost had to shut shop… but it was Carter’s heroic save that helped keep the promotion alive and kicking. Dixie was widely praised by trade pundits for salvaging TNA at a time when the WWE seemed to be the only legitimate promotion in the US where pro-wrestlers could make a decent living.

Despite not benefitting greatly in the early phase of her TNA ownership, Carter kept funding the fledgeling promotion, whilst helping build the next generation of mega-stars within its ranks.

What she did was provide a lifeblood to professional wrestling organisations outside the WWE; giving fans a suitable alternative to the content churned out by World Wrestling Entertainment.  

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