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5 reasons why fans boo John Cena

Riju Dasgupta
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Big Match John has always had his share of haters

In a lot of ways, John Cena may just be the most successful WWE superstar of all time. Not only has he been a top guy forever; in terms of cumulative merchandise sales, the numbers are unreal. On the big stage, his matches always deliver and wherever he is, in the card, the crowd always has an opinion of him.

While Cena has been able to connect with the younger demographic and is seen as a superhero by them, older fans from the Attitude and Ruthless Aggression eras don’t really see him as a main event player.

More often than not, even though Cena plays a babyface on screen, he is booed by the ‘smarks’ or smart fans. In today’s article, we analyse why it is so.

So why does the crowd chant ‘Cena Sucks’ and boo the face that runs the place, so much?

#5 Face of the PG Era 

John Cena stands for everything that’s clean and corporate

Let’s face it, when WWE was going to war; it built the company around Stone Cold Steve Austin, a man who took it to authority and showed them their place. John Cena is the antithesis to Stone Cold. A good looking, clean-cut superstar who does charity events and connects with kids, is not what the more vocal older audience essentially signed up for.

While he may be the perfect face for the more sanitized product of today, older fans miss the old days of sex, blood and gore; and look at John Cena as a symbol for the new era they don’t really connect with. So the very fact which makes him the biggest star today, works against Cena as well.

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