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5 Reasons Goldberg as Universal Champion is a Mistake

Goldberg was just crowned the new universal champion at Fastlane, but could this have been a major mistake?

Top 5 / Top 10 06 Mar 2017, 17:18 IST
WWE Superstar Goldberg
Goldberg wins the Universal Championship

Last night at WWE Fastlane 2017, Goldberg was victorious in dethroning Kevin Owens to become the third man to hold the Universal Championship.

In some ways, fans should rejoice. After all, Goldberg is one of the biggest stars in professional wrestling history and if Owens was to lose that title, who better to beat him than someone with such an incredible record?

However, bubbling under the surface of this booking decision are some potentially major problems that will spawn out of Goldberg becoming champion.

To an extent, this is all theoretical and there is obviously a chance none of the things mentioned here will be the outline of what we look back on and chastise WWE for doing, but history has shown that in similar situations in the past, certain issues have come up from analogous choices.

Here’s hoping the future isn’t set and none of this comes to pass, but if it does, you had your warning.

#1 It could create plot holes

WWE Superstar Kevin Owens
This probably won’t even be a possibility again until at least 2018

There was a time in WWE where a champion who lost his or her title didn’t automatically get an assumed shot to win it back.

Nowadays, this is referred to as “the rematch clause” which essentially is a built-in kayfabe explanation for why the previous champion doesn’t get sent to the back of the line each time they lose, but instead, they have a shot at redemption.

Of course, we all know this is primarily utilised because WWE wants to maximise how long each storyline can be dragged out to since the writers are scripting such an insane amount of content in an ongoing fashion rather than working on a few episodes for a seasonal arc and then taking a break.

Television shows end after a few seasons. WWE has been going on every single week for decades. If there are any ways to take shortcuts to stretch things out, you can’t blame the writers for at least trying, especially if it frequently results in things the fans want to see anyway.

However, this gets thrown out the window every now and then when the writing team either is forced to abandon a rematch due to an injury or a scheduling conflict, or they simply wish to go in a different direction. If two people trade the title back and forth, who wants to see them wrestle each other at every event for a year straight, right?

The problem with Goldberg as universal champion is that his status as a part-timer puts this in jeopardy not just once, but twice.

Is Kevin Owens going to get his proper rematch? It’s doubtful, considering it would have to happen on Monday Night Raw and WWE is probably not going to waste Goldberg on a match on television like that.

Even if it does happen, it will clearly not be a true competition and it will just be a 30-second squash repeat of what went down at Fastlane.

But what about when Goldberg loses the championship? Is he going to bow out and retire, or is he going to wrestle one more time in an attempt to win it back?

If he chooses to just give it up, did he really care about it, to begin with? If he loses it at Wrestlemania and then wrestles his last match at Payback, doesn’t that seem a bit underwhelming for his sendoff?

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