5 reasons why Liv Morgan dethroned Becky Lynch after Dominik Mysterio's interference

Liv Morgan
Liv Morgan is the new Women's World Champion

Liv Morgan and Becky Lynch delivered a spectacular match for the Women's World Championship at King and Queen of the Ring 2024. However, this match saw a shocking turn of events as Dominik Mysterio's interference resulted in a title change.

Morgan dethroned The Man and captured the Women's World Championship as she fulfilled the prophecy. The Jeddah Superdome was embellished with fireworks and pyrotechnics as the 29-year-old created history and put an end to her revenge tour in the most shocking way possible.

Let's look at five reasons why Liv Morgan dethroned Becky Lynch at King and Queen of the Ring.

#5. To establish herself as a top heel

Liv Morgan's victory at King and Queen of the Ring was a huge shocker for the WWE Universe, especially the way it culminated. One of the reasons Morgan dethroned Lynch after a controversial finish was to establish herself as a top heel on Monday Night RAW.

The fact that Liv capitalized on the opportunity created by Dominik Mysterio will always remain a talking point in her championship reign. As a result, this would help her garner a chorus of boos from the fans, which would accentuate her heel persona on the red brand.

#4. To fulfill Liv Morgan's prophecy

Ever since returning to WWE from her injury, Liv Morgan has been on a rampage against Rhea Ripley, vowing to take everything away from The Eradicator. The 29-year-old star is the one who took Ripley out and put her on the shelf.

She was on the hunt for the Women's World Championship, as it was her last destination on her Revenge Tour. Therefore, Morgan dethroned Becky Lynch and won the coveted title to fulfill her prophecy.

Morgan winning the coveted gold finally helped her exact revenge on Rhea Ripley, which she has been looking for for a long time. She captured the Women's World Championship, which was Ripley's dearest possession.

#3. Becky Lynch was a transitional champion

One of the reasons why Liv Morgan dethroned Becky Lynch at King and Queen of the Ring is because WWE perhaps made Lynch a transitional champion after Rhea Ripley relinquished the title.

It appears that the idea was always to put the title on Morgan's shoulder following Ripley's injury. Therefore, WWE finally pulled the trigger at King and Queen of the Ring as Liv captured the Women's World Championship.

#2. To redeem her career

Ever since losing the SmackDown Women's Championship to Ronda Rousey, Liv Morgan has not won a single world title. Her career arguably went downhill in recent years due to a series of unfortunate events.

Therefore, one of the main reasons Liv won the Women's World Championship at King and Queen of the Ring was to redeem her career. She is finally back on the path to reclaim her throne at the top of the women's division.

A loss against Becky Lynch could have raised huge questions about her credibility and affected her ongoing character. Therefore, WWE decided to pull the trigger on her by making her the new Women's World Champion.

#1. To sow the seeds for her rivalry with Rhea Ripley

Liv Morgan's victory in the Women's World Championship match at King and Queen of the Ring came in quite a shocking fashion. Dominik Mysterio tried to interfere and cost her the match, but it backfired on Mysterio as Morgan capitalized on it.

Liv's winning the championship in a controversial way following Dirty Dom's interference has seemingly sown the seeds of her potential rivalry with Rhea Ripley. This could culminate in a long-term feud between the two women at a grand stage in the Stamford-based promotion.

By the time Rhea Ripley returns, Liv Morgan could remain the Women's World Champion, which could herald her rivalry with The Eradicator. This could be one of the prominent reasons Morgan captured the coveted title at King and Queen of the Ring in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.