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5 Reasons why The Corporation was better than The Authority

Marc Madison
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Whether they were to be taken seriously or to be laughed at, The Corporation had quite a cast of characters

Between 2014 and 2016, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon led and ran a faction known as The Authority. The faction combined highly skilled talent with a few characters that provided some comic relief. 

What it seemed to lack, though, was a fresh direction, the ability to allow give and take during their promos, and being able to lose as much as they win. If we rewind about fifteen years earlier, a faction that was similar in both its direction and intent also reigned supreme in WWE. 

The Corporation, led by Vince and Shane McMahon, was an equally villainous stable, but with a few differences. The Vince and Shane-led faction was better received during its short existence than Authority. 

Often, the repetitive manner in which The Authority would come out and deliver a promo became quite frustrating, as we had to watch it time and time again. In comparison, whether it was the depth of talent that surrounded Vince and Shane that made their promos more enjoyable or the charm of the character that Vince portrayed on screen, their faction is better in comparison. 

Here are five reasons why the Corporation was better than The Authority.

#5 Deeper roster

In comparison, The Authority didn’t have a roster that presented much of a threat to their opposition.

During the late 90s and turn of the century, The Corporation boasted a roster that, at various times in various incarnations, included the likes of Ken Shamrock, Test, The Rock, Shane McMahon, Triple H, Big Boss ManThe Big Show, Mean Street Posse and Degeneration X. 

As we can see, the names involved as part of this stable were top-notch, and the group was vast and deep. It was always a game of numbers, and the intimidating group meant other competitors didn't want to cross Mr McMahon, as they would rather stay as part of the promotion. 

It didn't seem to matter who they were facing, the odds were in their favour. In comparison, the Authority didn't have as large of a stable of talent which they could pull from. Other than Randy Orton, Kane and Seth Rollins, the options were few and far between, which made the programming for them rather repetitive. 

The variety of those involved in the Corporation allowed for several feuds, matches, and storylines to develop.

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