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5 reasons the Elite may end up working in WWE, and 5 they won't

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Even within the wildly successful Bullet Club stable, there is a subdivision. Much like the nWo, which contained the 'wolfpack' of Syxx, Hall, and Nash, the Bullet Club contains the Elite, the three-man power trip of Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks.

Mr. WWE himself, John Cena, has gone so far as to tweet about Omega. Triple H is quite amenable to having the Bucks work for him in NXT. If the waters are warm, will the Elite choose to swim? Or is their independence and creative control more important than the possibly massive amount of money they could make in the WWE?

Here are five reasons the Elite might end up in WWE--BEFORE the much-ballyhooed joint ROH/New Japan Madison Square Garden show--and five they will stay where they are at.

Might Sign with WWE: It's all about the money

Matt Hardy lounges in his earnings.  Could Omega and the Bucks be tempted by a huge windfall?
Matt Hardy lounges in his earnings. Could Omega and the Bucks be tempted by a huge windfall?

While the Elite are certainly doing well for themselves financially, they are also putting in a lot of effort to do so. In particular the Bucks are one hundred percent involved in the production of their merchandise, which means spending a lot of cash up front for production.

Also, they are forced to wrestle for numerous different organizations, in several different countries, in a dozen time zones. If they are able to make an even better living with a much-reduced workload and more sensible schedule, don't be surprised if they sign on the dotted line for WWE.

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