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5 reasons the Great Khali is disliked by some wrestling fans

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The Great Khali made a return to the WWE at Battleground
The Great Khali made a return to the WWE at Battleground

At Battleground, the Great Khali made a shocking return to WWE programming as he helped Jinder Mahal retain the WWE Championship. Though the moment created plenty of shock value in the short term, the next day fans remembered exactly why they hadn’t missed the Great Khali at all.

Khali’s brief appearance, in fact, rekindled the dislike present for the Indian wrestler and the internet was set ablaze with jokes about him.

Dalip Singh Rana spent close to nine years in the WWE as a full-time talent before the company refused to renew his contract in 2014. The 7-footer went on to open a wrestling school called ‘Continental Wrestling Entertainment’ back in Punjab, which is still running today.

It may be good that the Great Khali has preoccupied himself outside of WWE because some wrestling fans do not want to see him back in the squared circle.

Here are five reasons the Great Khali is disliked by some wrestling fans. 

#5 Steals valuable TV time

The Great Khali in the ring
Khali won 265 matches in the WWE

What do fans hate more than an incompetent wrestler? An incompetent wrestler that takes valuable TV time away from more deserving talents.

When the Great Khali was dominating main events on SmackDown, people like CM Punk and the Hardy Boyz were hardly respected. The show was wrongly billed around Khali and his juggernaut clash with other big guys, what followed was a gradual decline in ratings.

Now the WWE is forever playing catch up with the glory days because Vince spent all of the noughties advertising giants as the main feature of the show, instead of pushing potential stars. Stars like CM Punk who funnily turned out to be the most popular superstar of this generation.

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