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5 Reasons to Love the Bray Wyatt Vs. Randy Orton Feud

Daniel Crump
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Promising signs

It may not be perfect, wrestling stories rarely are these days, but there is something about the Bray Vs. Orton feud that has audiences at least a little bit engaged, and maybe even a bit excited. The company has relied on the same old story arcs for far too long, but this could well be an indication that Smackdown is moving on to bigger and better things, and dare I say it, fans might just be readying themselves for a return to better times! Here are 5 reasons, in particular, to love this feud

#1  The Company is Taking Their Time – Effectively!

Slowly but surely

When a heel faction comes onto the scene, the WWE like to toy with the idea of adding more people to it. Sometimes a babyface finds himself in a position where he is forced to join the stable. These kinds of stories always have a little bit of promise, but ultimately fall flat far too quickly. In 2010/2011 John Cena was feuding with Nexus. As a way to add intrigue to the story, Cena lost a match against Wade Barret and was forced to join the group.

The whole thing was a little underwhelming, with Cena acting as the reluctant errand boy until he finally found a way to worm out of the situation. In more recent times, Daniel Bryan decided he was going to join the Wyatts, and to be fair, the company did go a little way to making us invested.

His in-ring gear was different, his attitude towards other wrestlers changed. It looked like the makings of an interesting few months, however, the whole thing ended far too abruptly, with Bryan turning on Bray less than two months later. It did propel Bryan onto bigger and better things, but did nothing for Bray Wyatt whatsoever. 

Initially, when Randy joined the Wyatts, fans feared a repeat of the same old kind of story, Randy would eventually just turn on Bray after a few matches and do nothing for either character. However, the company have persisted with the story line, even making it a key theme of the WWE Championship feud going into Wrestlemania.

True, Randy has now revealed his true intentions, and it might have seemed a little predictable, but you can already sense this is going to have a lasting impact on all involved, and will only act as a much-needed stepping stone for the Eater of Worlds himself.

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