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5 reasons we still hear CM Punk chants in the WWE

Why is it that we always hear "CM PUNK! CM PUNK!" on episodes of Monday Night Raw? Let's take a look.

Are these chants disrespectful or necessary?

The CM Punk chant is the one chant that seems to attract the most attention from those watching at home. Some fans complain that these chants are disrespectful to the current workers, others say it represents how far the product has fallen off.

CM Punk is, undoubtedly, one of the biggest stars in the WWE of the past 15 years and his absence from the company has left a void that cannot be filled. That's why thousands of fans have refused to accept his departure.

At his peak, he was branded as the voice of the voiceless, however, now he is the one who is voiceless. Despite losing his first UFC bout in humiliating fashion, fans across America still continue chanting the 38-year old's name at WWE live events.

Here are five reasons why we still hear CM Punk chants in the WWE.

#5 His return is a possibility

CM Punk and The Rock squaring off on Monday Night Raw
Talents have returned after having departed on bad terms before, could Punk follow the trend?

Fans are usually more inclined to something happening if it is a possibility. In the past, we've seen horrendous breakups between the WWE and their top stars, which have then been resolved in fairytale returns. Hogan, Austin, Ultimate Warrior, Batista have all left on bad terms with the company but still come back unexpectedly.

Vince's methods and approaches to top talents have resulted in several backstage arguments, and CM Punk was just another casualty of this environment. Worse breakups have happened, and more shocking returns have occurred, in light of everything, CM Punk returning to the squared circle really wouldn't be that shocking, would it?

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