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5 Reasons why a John Cena heel turn has to happen now

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3.92K   //    18 Oct 2016, 05:18 IST
A John Cena heel turn may be the only thing that can improve WWE ratings

Will the guy who has been the face that has run the place for the better part of 14 years finally do the one thing we all hoped would have happened years ago? Has the time come for John Cena to give into peer pressure – meaning the continual hope by fans and the wrestling media – and become a heel after vowing to never change his stance on the issue?

Recent rumours on various wrestling websites and have talked openly about the need for Cena, who is a 15-time world champion and looking to tie Ric Flair for the most title reigns in wrestling history, to make the jump to the “dark side” much like Hulk Hogan did all those years ago.

It’s a risk many feel Cena and WWE need to take to help a company that is trying anything and everything to get a fresh new look. As Anthony DiMoro of pointed out, the creative team of WWE has discussed the idea with Vince McMahon, who has stopped short of letting that happen.

For once, it’s time for Vinnie Mac to move over and let the creative side take over. It’s time for Cena to let go of his inner halo and exchange it for a set of red devil ears. Both Raw and SmackDown Live cannot keep up the current pace of “less is more” while trying to increase ratings and fan interaction.

The one thing that could change all of that is Cena changing sides. But in reality, it’s more than that. Regardless of how and why the move needs to happen now. Here are five reasons why Cena’s heel turn is necessary right this moment.

#1 Monday, Monday, Monday

Could Cena’s turn lead him to Monday Night Raw?

Or in this case, Tuesday, Tuesday. Cena and SmackDown Live are ahead of the curve, but not by much. There is talk Cena wants time off sooner rather than later. The current roster cannot sustain his hiatus unless something earth shattering happens upon his return.

With Hell in a Cell on the cards for the end of October and Survivor Series on the horizon, WWE must stir the pot and create a bit of drama in the traditional “5-on-5” match to determine who has greater control of WWE’s overall roster.

Cena’s heel turn creates a balance of power on Tuesday nights.

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