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5 Reasons Why Alberto Del Rio May Have Been Released by WWE

The former WWE World Champion left under a cloud of controversy involving himself and his girlfriend Paige

WWE and Alberto Del Rio have parted ways as of Friday afternoon

The inevitable has finally happened. WWE has released a statement that Jose Rodriguez, better known to all of us as Alberto Del Rio, has been released by the company in what has been described as a mutual agreement.

The news isn’t shocking as the former WWE World Champion has been the subject of rumors having to do with his unhappiness with management since he made his return at Hell in a Cell last year, defeating John Cena in what was essentially a squash match for the United States Heavyweight Title.

The wrestling promotion issued a short statement stating the news of Del Rio’s release.

According to Rolling Stone, the reason for his release might have been because of “backstage trouble” but it has not been confirmed. Del Rio had been released from WWE before in 2014 for what was reported as "unprofessional conduct" following an altercation with an employee who allegedly made a racist joke.

There are rumors as well that Del Rio’s girlfriend, Paige, has quit within the past 24-hours as well. The two were suspended from the company last month, within a day of each other, for violating the company’s wellness policy.

Although nothing has been confirmed, there could have been a variety of reasons for the parting of ways. Here are five of them, which are still purely speculative.

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