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5 Reasons why Braun Strowman isn't being pushed ahead of WrestleMania 35

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Johny Payne
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Modified 23 Mar 2019, 23:10 IST
Braun Strowman isn
Braun Strowman isn't being pushed in any of the WWE's top WrestleMania 35 storylines

Braun Strowman is regarded by many as one of the top WWE Superstars in the world today, however, as of late, "The Monster Among Men" has largely been used only in comedy segments rather than being presented as a serious contender for a world title in the WWE.

The biggest concern for most Strowman fans is understandably the fact that despite being pushed as one of the two top Superstars -- the other being Roman Reigns -- on RAW; Strowman is yet to win a world title! However, not to sound 'cliched', but that's simply "symptomatic of a much bigger problem" with Strowman's on-screen character in WWE.

In case you happen to be a fan of Strowman, it'd be absolutely unsurprising if you're presently questioning the fact as to why the popular behemoth has been booked to compete in the "Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal"; rather than being featured in an important storyline.

Today, we take a closer look at why Braun Strowman isn't being pushed ahead of WrestleMania 35...

#5 Because Braun Strowman isn't involved in any major storyline

Braun Strowman isn
Braun Strowman isn't involved in any major storylines as of now

I'd like to emphasize that what I mean by Braun Strowman not being booked in any major storyline, is that the WWE didn't really involve him in any of its important storylines which started on "The Road To WrestleMania" back in January of this year.

Now, because Strowman wasn't involved in any of WWE's top storylines for several weeks, it makes it increasingly difficult for the WWE's Creative team to add him into the mix in say the Universal Championship picture or even the Intercontinental Title picture for that matter.


Strowman's lack of involvement in any meaningful storyline while we've been on The Road To WrestleMania, is something that has truly hurt his on-screen character. Resultantly, Strowman is now stuck competing in just another run-of-the-mill multi-person matchup...Nevertheless, a few other factors seem to be even more important causes of Strowman's WrestleMania 35 booking...

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Published 23 Mar 2019, 23:10 IST
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