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5 Reasons why Chad Gable lost the WWE King of the Ring tournament

Nicky Pags
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Modified 21 Dec 2019, 00:30 IST

#4 Baron Corbin can take his heel gimmick to new heights with a KOTR win

Baron Corbin
Baron Corbin

Immediately following the King of the Ring tournament finals on RAW this week, WWE released a backstage video featuring Baron Corbin reacting to his tournament win.

Of note in the video is Corbin addressing fans and saying that he is elated that so many people are so upset that he won the tournament this year, and the quote is central to Corbin's character as a heel in WWE.

WWE officials, as well as Baron Corbin himself, know that fans don't like to see him earn major achievements like title shots and tournament wins, which is all the more reason why they book him to earn those achievements and really upset the WWE fans. It's key to his heel persona resonating with fans on better levels, which is why Corbin continues to be booked in the same manner.

With Corbin winning King of the Ring this year, he can claim the 'throne' and King garb and really play up the fact that he is a King, likely directing orders to people in his 'court' as other King of the Ring winners have done in the past.

Published 17 Sep 2019, 20:57 IST
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