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5 reasons why Charlotte is the greatest women's superstar

Sarah Hirsch
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Charlotte has come into her own

They don’t call Charlotte “The Queen” for nothing.

Charlotte is on her way to greatness. Seriously, she’s pretty much already there. The daughter of legendary Ric Flair has come a long way since her NXT days. Even there, her evolution began as part of the Four Horsewomen that changed the game in NXT and transitioned to the WWE main roster. 

With Bayley, Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch, Charlotte is a part of history and integral to the rise of women’s wrestling. Now on the Raw roster, Charlotte is the face of the historic moments that are being bestowed upon the Women’s Division. 

She would be the last Divas Champion and the first Women’s Champion of the new era (can they come up with a name for it already?). She just took part in the main event on Raw – something that hasn’t been done since 2004. 

She will also take part in the first Women’s Hell in a Cell match. She and Banks share these roles, and their feud is nearing the iconic status. 

Forbes recently covered Charlotte in an article as to why she is indeed the Greatest of All Time. Is it too early to stake claim to that? Perhaps it is, but one can argue that Charlotte has indeed done so much since NXT and especially on the main roster in WWE. 

Charlotte is competing against some of the best female talents today, namely Banks. I often say that it is a great time to be a fan of women’s wrestling, and seeing the rise and evolution in this field is inspiring the say the least. 

Charlotte excels in her role on the Raw Women’s Division, and that in itself is impressive. With the new direction in WWE, she most certainly has had a strong start and continues to get better. So maybe the “greatest of all time” line to her name isn’t far off at all. Let’s look at the reasons why Charlotte is indeed the Queen.

#1 Family Legacy

Like father, like daughter

Charlotte herself says that she is “genetically superior”, and there is no denying this claim. Being the daughter of Ric Flair comes with insane pressure to follow the Nature Boy’s footsteps. Brother David Flair tried and failed at upholding the Flair family legacy years ago.

Charlotte didn’t have any prior wrestling experience before coming to NXT, and it's safe to say the saying “Like father, like daughter” applies to Flair and his daughter. Charlotte has worked hard to get where she is today and her hard work shows in the ring. 

She takes her family legacy seriously and she applies what she has learned to her matches. Even when she cuts a promo, Charlotte has improved tremendously. Instead of cringing, I look forward to what Charlotte has to say on the mic. 

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