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5 Reasons why Chris Benoit should be inducted to WWE Hall of fame

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Hall of Fame worthy?

Chris Benoit; There isn’t probably another name in the professional wrestling business that evokes so many emotions.

Someone who inspired a plethora of current wrestlers to take up the profession, Benoit’s legacy has almost vanished from the wrestling folklore these days. Of course, the fans remember him and so do all those people who knew him, but for a new fan that tunes into the sport, the name Chris Benoit is unlikely to ring any bells.

This because WWE has managed to erase even the tiniest trace of him from their history books; a proof that the business not only makes stars, it also breaks them. For someone who dedicated his entire life to professional wrestling and inspired millions; the Voldemort treatment that Benoit gets is something worth debating.

As we professional wrestling fans have opinions about each and every aspect of the business, here is a look at some reasons why Benoit should be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

Now, just before this starts, these are strictly personal opinions and backlash for these are expected; so if you have an opinion against or for the topic, do have a healthy discussion in the comments section.

A worthy Mention: The mysteries surrounding his death

The official reason for Chris Benoit’s death was ruled as a double murder and suicide. The whole hate that is directed towards Benoit comes due to this sole reason. While the ruling was decisive, the fact that there are still unsolved questions surrounding Benoit’s death needs to be taken into consideration.

These unsolved questions range from the call that Chavo Guerrero received, to text messages that Chris sent on Sunday. But then again, people out there have explanations for many of these, irrespective of whether they are true or not. Furthermore, we are probably never going to know what happened inside the house for obvious reasons.

So are we reaching to conclusions without clearing all the questions? Maybe or maybe not; Just food for thought.

#5 His contributions to WWE were one of the reasons for his brain condition

Benoit was the face of Ruthless Aggression era 

Now, let’s go with the official ruling that Benoit killed his family and committed suicide. This, in no terms, is defended in the article. But studies have shown that Benoit was suffering some brain condition that was a direct result of the long career that he had in the business.

Benoit made his wrestling debut back 1985 at the age of 18. He wrestled all over the world and came to WWE in 2000. The Rabid Wolverine was shot to the top in no time, and while most of his peers relied on goofy storylines and edgy content to put themselves over, Benoit relied on one thing: his in ring work.

In fact, Benoit was the face of WWE’s Ruthless Aggression era, which still outclasses the Attitude Era in terms of wrestling quality. His blood and sweat were key in the foundation of WWE’s transition from Attitude Era to Ruthless Aggression, and these contributions are overshadowed due to the tragedy that happened.

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