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5 reasons why CM Punk was a game changer for the WWE

Abid Khan
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Whether you like CM Punk or despise him for leaving the WWE, there's no doubt that his substantial contribution to the business will never be forgotten. Even now, there are "CM Punk" chants in WWE arenas when the audience rejects something, which goes on to show his popularity.

CM Punk is the greatest thing to happen to the WWE in the modern era. His unfortunate exit from the company brought him mainstream attention, and despite Punk stating on numerous occasions that he will never return to the WWE, the fans still anticipate a comeback.

'The Cult of Personality' was rebellious and played an enormous role in changing the landscape of the business.

With that being said, here are five reasons why CM Punk was a game changer for the WWE.

#1 He is considered one of the greatest that ever lived

Is CM Punk the greatest thing that ever happened to this business?

Well, there could be a lot of critical opinions regarding Punk's departure from the company but, it's safe to say that he made a name for himself as the 'last territorial wrestler'. He became an icon in the world of professional wrestling. Punk had a charismatic approach and personality that made him so fresh and unique.

He genuinely pushed the boundaries and brought WWE on the global market and, if you need any confirmation about that, go check his pipe-bomb promo. His wrestling skills, his ability to get things over and his determination to give his best made him a stand-out performer in the company. His vision for change brought fresh television to the viewers and, definitely increased the ratings of Monday Night Raw.

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