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5 Reasons why Daniel Bryan will never wrestle for WWE again

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Time for Daniel Bryan to revert back to the 'bingo halls'?
Time for Daniel Bryan to revert back to the 'bingo halls'?

Everyone's favourite SmackDown Live GM in forever, Daniel Bryan, momentarily lifted the collective hearts of pro wrestling fans the world over when he started chirping about returning to in-ring action soon.

After retiring in early 2016, even then under a cloud of confusion arising from differing evaluations of his condition, Bryan has been fulfilling his on-screen role as the SmackDown Live General Manager of late.

But I'm sure we can all agree that - health permitting - we'd all much rather see him as an active in-ring participant again.

The latest on that seems to be that despite being cleared by a bevy of other doctors, the WWE doctors have (yet again) failed to clear Bryan for a return.

So as he's suggested in the recent past, does he just run down his WWE contract and take his talents elsewhere? Or does he actually stick around and settle for a bit part character-only role?

My guess is that whatever he chooses to do, it's definitely not going to be as an active competitor in the WWE again.

And here's why.

#1 Derails Roman Reigns' push

There is no doubt who is more over...
There is no doubt who is more over...

I think it's safe to say that it's all hands on deck for Project Roman in the WWE right now, with the think tank pulling out all the stops to ensure that he gets over good before his eventual ascension to the throne at WrestleMania 34.


Why on earth will they want to shoot themselves in the foot by letting Daniel Bryan wrestle again at this sensitive period of time?

In fact, it was pretty obvious that the prime reason why Vince McMahon didn't clear him to wrestle and forced him to retire the first time around was that he was much more over than Reigns even then.

And although he hasn't laced up a pair of wrestling boot since, that still hasn't changed.

If Daniel Bryan wrestles again in the WWE, whatever little momentum Reigns has gathered of late will also evaporate completely.

And the WWE absolutely don't want that.

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