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5 Reasons why I can't hate John Cena anymore

J. Carpenter
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Cena entering NRG Stadium for Wrestlemania 25

Growing up in the 80's, I was privy to some of the best wrestling, during what I still consider the very best era of all-time. It was a time where the good guys were loved and the bad guys were loathed. My bedroom was a throne to all things Hulkamania. Yes, the red and yellow tidal wave ran straight through my heart and essentially controlled my adolescence.

Being a Hulkamaniac was something that I was not ashamed of. In fact, I'm still an unapologetic supporter of Hulk Hogan and to be honest, I believe he should be brought back sooner, rather than later. Nevertheless, that is another story, for another time. However, I mentioned my adoration for Hogan simply to compare it to the way young people are so crazy about John Cena these days.

I have never been one to necessarily dislike Cena. In fact, I have always admired his work ethic and I certainly believe he loves and appreciates his fans. But with that said, I have grown tired of him at times.

During those times, I would often find myself rolling my eyes at the sound of his cancerous entrance music and sure, I would get a little irritated at how predictable some of his feuds were getting. It wasn't really anything John was doing, it was just a phase in which I was ready to see a ripple in the way things were, so-to-speak.

As time has gone on, I have noticed how much more intense the hate has gotten towards John Cena. I have sat beside fans at WWE events who I swore would love to physically get their hands on Cena, that's just how heated their hatred was towards him.

Eventually, I started having a change of heart, if you will. It wasn't that I was becoming some newly reformed super-Cena fanatic. It's just that I was starting to appreciate his positive contributions more and more.

Sure, I guess you could say I have had a change of heart as I've gotten older. I can truly say that I have grown to appreciate certain things more and yes, I can now say that I no longer have an issue with Cena.

The following slides will give you an idea why I have changed recently changed my opinion of John Cena.

#5 Ideal Ambassador

Enter c
John dressed to the nines for an appearance outside the ring

As society progresses, so to must WWE as a company, if they intend to retain old fans and gain new ones along the way. In order for professional wrestling to not be taken as a complete joke by mainstream society, there is, in fact, a need for a global ambassador, so-to-speak, to come forward and showcase our sport in a respectable light. John Cena is certainly qualified for that job.

For the past decade or so, Vince has leaned and depended upon the services of John Cena not only inside the ring but outside as well. For instance, when there's a request to have a WWE representative appear on a major talk show, you will usually see Cena on the set. Why is that, you ask?

Well, it's really quite simple. Cena carries himself in a manner that not only demands a certain level of common respect, but he also possesses a demeanor that causes people to want to invest some level of interest in whatever he is talking about. With that said, this is where he tends to draw in new fans.

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