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5 Reasons why John Cena is the greatest WWE Superstar of all time

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John Cena has risen into rarified air in terms of his WWE legacy

John Cena is a whisker away from capturing his 16th WWE Title – thereby equalling Ric Flair’s record – at No Mercy this weekend.

The lead-up to the match has featured a multitude of overlapping storylines; AJ Styles’ mission to prove that the underhanded methods employed to keep hold of the belt do not undermine his legitimacy as the WWE Champion, Dean Ambrose’s ‘jealousy’ of the colossus that is John Cena, and Cena himself chasing the ultimate validation of equalling Ric Flair’s legendary record.

And in spite of AJ Styles looking to prove beyond a doubt that he is the ‘Champ that runs the Camp’ or Dean Ambrose vying for redemption, it is the tantalising prospect of Cena’s record-equalling conquest that begets the most intrigue.

As suggested by the man himself in the build to the pay-per-view, capturing the WWE Title at No Mercy will no doubt catapult him to the foreground of the ‘Greatest of All Time’ discussion in the WWE.

Hallowed praise indeed, and even more so when it is suggested by oneself.

However, if any Superstar’s career in the WWE deserves the lofty mantle that the GOAT tag espouses, John Cena’s certainly does. Here then are 5 reasons why he is the greatest WWE Superstar of all time.

#5 Marketing Brand

Cena sells, period

Ranging from ‘Tribute to the Troops’ to Tuesday Night SmackDown Live!, John Cena’s face is emblematic in every endeavour of the WWE. He may elicit a deeply polarising reaction from audiences all around the world, but there is little doubt that the name ‘John Cena’ generates massive traction with them nonetheless.

Every kid is a John Cena fanatic and even the fans that loathe him would have to accord the respect that his career deserves, however begrudgingly so.

His marketability as an ambassador to the WWE is unparalleled, and unlike Dwayne ‘Don’t call me the Rock’ Johnson, John Cena doesn’t shy away from his pro-wrestling roots when embracing the ever-growing list of mainstream cross-over opportunities that punctuate his resume.

Regardless of whether people around the world are pro-wrestling or WWE fans, chances are that they have been privy to the legend of John Cena through some medium. 

His predominance in the PG era of the WWE has almost single-handedly catalysed the company’s transition from a pro-wrestling promotion into a mainstream juggernaut; a move that has kept WWE a-changing with the times and strengthened its monopoly on the industry as well.

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