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5 Reasons why John Cena should beat AJ Styles at the Royal Rumble

Time to face it, it's going to happen. Here's why it should happen.

Two of the best

This will be unpopular with most and probably only please a few but the reality is, John Cena is back in the WWE title picture, and it’s a good thing. It's better that the WWE Universe get used to the idea now instead of rebelling when the Rumble comes.

When John Cena emphatically returned on the last SmackDown of 2016 and announced his title aspirations, the internet collectively groaned and dismissed his threat. Two weeks later and 16 days closer to the Rumble, it's starting to dawn on the masses that John Cena is really going to walk out of Texas a 16-time World Champion.

Here's why John Cena needs to/should/will/deserves to beat AJ Styles at the Royal Rumble.

#5 For the Undertaker feud

John Cena and the Undertaker in the ring on Monday Night Raw in the build up to WM 23
The Undertaker has been an active WWE Superstar for 27 years

What could be bigger than the two biggest names in wrestling fighting for the most recognised championship in wrestling on the largest wrestling PPV? Fans have been restless at the thought of the two locking horns for years now.

But if rumours are to be believed, Vince McMahon is not yet sure on the bout. Speculation suggests that Vince is instead looking at a Roman Reigns - Undertaker feud instead, why? I have no idea. Reigns can battle the Deadman next year, he has time, Cena doesn’t.

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The Cena-Taker match needs to be made official instantly, to make WM 33 a high draw. And Cena winning the title at the Rumble would only further hype up the April 2nd bout, setting up the most anticipated championship match of the modern era.

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