5 reasons why Kevin Owens is a world class performer

Don't mess with KO
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There was a time, five years ago or so, when the idea of Kevin Steen performing in a WWE ring would’ve been considered laughable. The former ROH Champion was always undervalued or underrated for a variety of different reasons, and yet in the present day, he’s one of the biggest stars in all of professional wrestling.

29 titles won across various promotions in a 17-year career is quite legendary and makes him a bonafide veteran. That's more than Cena -- who has 25 titles to his name -- and many other known WWE legends. His journey certainly hasn’t been a conventional one, and in many ways, he probably thrives on that, because having his back up against the wall is when he tends to do some of his best work.

That’s not to say that he doesn’t consistently perform at the highest possible level because he does, and week in and week out, and it’s a pleasure for us as fans to be able to watch him do his thing in front of millions around the globe.

With that being said, here are five reasons why Kevin Owens is a world-class performer.

#1 Physique

Owens is a star regardless of his size
Owens is a star regardless of his size

Say what you will about Kevin Owens, but the guy continues to receive an awful lot of grief about his weight. It’s no secret that he’s a naturally bigger performer than most of the guys on the roster, and yet, instead of using that as a reason to be lazy in the ring, he uses it as motivation to be better than 95% of the stars that he’s up against.

Owens is the living proof that you can make it to the top regardless of appearance, and that it shouldn’t hold you back from being able to do some incredibly athletic things.

Hell, there are some people down in 205 Live that wouldn’t even be able to pull off some of the moves that the former Universal Champion does.

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