5 Reasons why Kofi Kingston replaced Mustafa Ali at WWE Elimination Chamber 2019

Kofi Kingston lasted an hour in this week
Kofi Kingston lasted an hour in this week's Gauntlet Match
Riju Dasgupta

Unfortunately, Mustafa Ali will not be able to compete at the Elimination Chamber. This is a big blow for the former 205 Live star who has grown from strength to strength in recent times. Unfortunately, his fairytale run has hit a roadblock for now. I'm sure he'll be back better than ever, very soon indeed.

And that brings me to his replacement for the match. WWE announced that it will be a New Day member who will be taking his place inside the dreaded steel structure. Much to the delight of the WWE Universe, it was Kofi Kingston.

Why was Kofi Kingston chosen from the abundance of talent that exists in the SmackDown Live locker room? I will attempt to answer this question in this speculative feature article.

I'd love to hear your thoughts, views and comments in the section below about this change in lineup.

#5 A long overdue title shot

None can dispute the fact that Kofi Kingston deserves the opportunity to be Mustafa Ali's replacement. Kingston has been one of Vince McMahon's most loyal lieutenants over the years, excelling in whatever role has been asked of him. And yes, every year he has given us a Royal Rumble moment to cherish and enjoy to the fullest.

Kingston has pretty much done it all in the business, except for holding the prestigious WWE Championship. He's won the Intercontinental Championship and the US Championship on more than one occasion. I would say that his run is enough to warrant him a spot in the WWE Hall of Fame down the line (Corey Graves says these words soon after I write them).

And so, not only is this a reward for years of exceptional sports entertainment action, it is a recognition of one of the most underrated and innovative Superstars in the WWE roster. Kofi Kingston deserves it.

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Edited by Kishan Prasad
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