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5 reasons Baron Corbin should be pushed for the WWE Championship

Corbin is rumoured to be set for a huge push in the coming months, here's why him going for the WWE title is a good idea.

The Lone Wolf deserves a push!

In last week's ESPN 'Off The Top Rope' segment, the Lone Wolf made his intentions clear to The Coach, by saying he has his eyes firmly set on the WWE World Championship. As we prepare to enter the year of 2017, the road to Wrestlemania shortly follows, so this is the perfect time for all Superstars to prove their worth.

Baron Corbin has been primed and positioned to levitate in the main event scene for some time now, with thousands of fans recognising him as the next big thing.

For those who doubted the ability of the Lone Wolf, you only have to look back at his five-star performance against Kalisto at TLC, to be proved wrong. The two took a nonsensical concept of a match and made it into one of the best bouts of the night. It’s no doubt that Corbin has the potential to become an immovable cornerstone of Team Blue.

Here are five reasons Baron Corbin being pushed for the WWE title is a good thing for SmackDown.  

#5 A monster heel is needed on SDLive

Baron Corbin behind the time-keepers area on an episode of SmackDown
Baron Corbin was a professional NFL player for the Arizona Cardinals

Look at Strowman on Raw and the impact he's having on its roster. He literally stands head and shoulders above his peers, even those in the main event scene. Every segment Strowman is in, draws interest and intrigue from the audience due to his dominating presence, and this is what we need Baron Corbin to be on Tuesday nights.

Baron Corbin has the selfish attitude, presence and the look to be a monster heel on SmackDown.

With his 6'8 frame and 275 pounds of presence, Corbin is the perfect fit for the role. If you look at the SmackDown roster right now, there's not much to be feared. You have a weasel heel in the Miz, a braggadocios one in AJ Styles and a sadistic trio in the Wyatt Family.

With no monstrous Superstar that dominate his peers, Corbin could become that heel, and dominate the WWE title picture for months to come.

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