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5 Reasons why Roman Reigns is being kept away from the WWE Championship

Riju Dasgupta
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24 Apr 2019, 12:24 IST

What's the reason for WWE keeping Roman Reigns at bay?
What's the reason for WWE keeping Roman Reigns at bay?

Roman Reigns has certainly been the poster boy for WWE in the current era. Therefore, it is odd that since his return from leukemia, he has just been kept out of the title picture by the company. One assumes that Seth Rollins is the face of RAW and hence, Reigns was kept at bay. But even on SmackDown Live (results here), he's working his own program.

In this piece, I will try and answer the question that everyone seems to be asking right now. Why is Roman Reigns no longer in title contention? Why is he at an arm's length from the prized WWE title?

Please weigh in with your comments in the section below, folks. I'd love to hear what you guys have to say.

Let me offer my own insights into this situation...

#5 WWE does not want him to be booed

Roman Reigns is everything that one would want from a top guy, and this is precisely why WWE is always so high on the man. He's a very dependable hand in the ring and can put on great matches when his opponent is competent. But there's always a risk whenever Roman Reigns is involved in any WWE segment.

Fans often see Roman Reigns as the symbol of everything that is wrong with WWE at the moment. Even though he is a trained performer who does whatever WWE asks of him, all of the faults of WWE's creative team are heaped upon him by the fans. And this is why they are always likely to boo Reigns and hijack his segments.

For him to get yet another title shot would just make him a heel, who's actually a babyface. I don't think WWE wants that complication for now.

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